Date: 25th January 2019
Radiation Fume Hoods
Single Ventilation Fume Hood ParameterVentilation Fume hood always used in the Nuclear Medical Department when experiment dispensing the drugs and isotopes ( For example I-131 and Te-99) , so it?s also called radioactive medicine dispensing cabinet.Since radioactive medicine dispensing, so all sides of the ventilation cabinet should be lead protective treatment. Normally the Pb equivalent :1.?All sides 50mm-40mm Pb ;2.?Front and bottom 40mm Pb, Left and right side 30mmPb, Top and Back 20mm Pb ;3.?Customized .The Ventilation Cabinet always surrounded and installed with dovetail lead tiles, excellent protective effect.?Lead TilesVentilation Cabinet outside dimension : 1150mm Length*800mm Width*2200mm HF18 (50-40mm Pb) Weight: 1500KG ; I-131(40-30-20mmPb) Weight:1200kg. The weight always depending on the Pb equivalent.Ventilation Cabinet Structure1.Ventilation cabinet internal & external choose the material SS304 Stainless Steel Plate, some of the part choose mirror surface plates.2.Ventilation cabinet inside load-bearing steel frame choose the standard square steel welding with anti-rust paint, some of the parts with thicker steel plate.3.In front of the ventilation cabinet provide Lead glass inspection window, lead equivalent to the cabinet Pb. (300mm L*300mm W)4.The front designed operating hole (?150mm), the protective cap of the operating hole lead equivalent to the cabinet too. The protective cap installed the handle and the magnetic pull open device according to ergonomic, easy to operating.5.Both sides of the cabinet is provided with delivery goods window (530mm ? height width 420mm). Also provide shielding door with a door lock which lead equivalent to the cabinet, to confirm there will be no radioactive ray leak accident.6.Inside of the ventilation cabinet installed 40mmpb activity protective wells, reading platform suspended outside of cabinet , in order to easy observationLead Protected Activity Well7.Inside of the ventilation cabinet also equipped with electric lift generator protection wells. (50mm Pb)8.Ventilation cabinet with the accessories Lighting device?Sterilization lamp?ventilation device?Electric power 50HZ/20A/220V with security , external of the power centralized security voltage to regulator and control panel;.Single Ventilation Cabinet Diagram?Various hoods for manual handling of isotopes. This can be done in fume hoods and laminar hoods, both fitted with lead shielding and/or lead glass windows. Several dimensions and lead thicknesses are availableRadiation Fume Hoods in a wide variety of configurations are now available from our company. The hoods are constructed of type 304 stainless steel and include an integral bottom with cup sink option. The one piece interior is free of joints, cracks, or crevices which prevents buildup of residue and simplifies decontamination procedures. These radiation fume hoods can be configured for a seated or standing working height. Because of the unique air flow and accessory requirements that are typical for radiation fume hood applications please contact us to discuss your special needsThe Radioiodine Fume Hood meets the demands of iodination procedures., the fume hood provides a large internal work area with spacious arm ports to allow maximum uninhibited manipulation of material within the unit.Vertical double connected ventilation dispensing cabinet1700?745?2200mmFront?bottom 40mmpb?left?right 30mmpb?back?top 20mmpbPb Glass size: 260*300mmIncluding the well shieldthe standard die set size 40mmPbConfiguring activity protective wells 40mmpb,Brand CRC-25R activityMolybdenum technetium generator protect: 300?300?350?H?mm? 50mmpb?Rubbish Bin inside: 250?250?250mm? 20mmpb?estimate size??Lighting device?Sterilization lamp?ventilation device?Electric power?Vertical double connected ventilation dispensing cabinet1700?745?2200mmAll surface 10mmpbPb Glass size: 260*300mmIncluding the well shieldthe standard die set size 40mmPbConfiguring activity protective wells 40mmpb,Brand CRC-25R activityMolybdenum technetium generator protect : 300?300?350?H?mm? 50mmpb?Rubbish Bin inside 250?250?250mm? 10mmpb?estimate size??Lighting device?Sterilization lamp?ventilation device?Electric power?
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